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Updates from the Committee

November 2011

Call Out to All Owners - Update of Contact Details

We are currently going through the process of updating the contact details held for every owner at Chromata Lagoon. As part of this process we are asking you to confirm your preferred contact details so that we can be sure of reaching everyone, both for routine communication but also in the event of an emergency situation relating to your property, where you might need to be contacted urgently.

To help with this, please would you take 5 minutes to complete the contact form and email it to us at committee@chromatalagoon.com

Important: We absolutely respect your privacy and no contact details will be passed outside of the committee.


Good news! The action that has been taken to recover outstanding Communal Fees has resulted in a number of owners settling their accounts before any legal action has been taken, which is encouraging. Those owners who have made payments have had their apartment numbers removed from the list below.

However, we still have quite a number of owners who are ignoring the situation and unfortunately it looks likely that we will have to proceed with legal action to recover the fees. We have tried very much to avoid this as not only will they incur additional legal costs but it could also cause further delays. But with essential maintenance work waiting to be done before the spring, we are not in a position to do nothing. What is most astonishing is that some of these owners continue to rent out their apartments - making money out of the facilities which they are not paying for.

October 2011

As many of you will be aware, we have had a significant problem relating to non-payment of Communal Fees over the last 12 months by around 25% of owners. The outstanding fees currently amount to around €12,000 which translates to about 20% of the annual budget that we now don't have. Tackling non-payment of fees has been a top priority for the new committee since it was elected in September and we are now in a position to take action.

We have already taken legal advice on this and, as a next step we are writing to all these owners giving them 14 days to settle their fees. If they still fail to pay, we will be proceeding with legal action to recover the outstanding amounts with the full backing of our solicitor. In addition, we will be posting notices on their apartment door notifying them that the communal facilities are now out of bounds until they settle. This is particularly aimed at the owners that are renting out their apartment and still not settling their fees. We think it is important that everyone on the complex is aware of who these owners are and after some discussion we have decided to publish below the apartment numbers.

A Block – A4, A6, A8, A14, A20, A22
B Block – B5, B7, B9
C Block – C5
D Block – D1
E Block – E2
F Block – F2

Here is the initial letter that has gone out to defaulting owners:

Apologies for the delay in updating the website since the AGM in September. You can now download the Minutes of the AGM here:


Success at the AGM!

For the first time since the Chromata Lagoon Management Committee was established, there were sufficient votes present (on the second date) for the AGM to proceed. This is excellent news and a major step forward, resulting in the majority of owners having their views and opinions represented, so thank you to everyone who took the trouble to vote or pass on their proxy vote. Minutes of the meeting will be posted here in the next few days and an email will be going out with the details of proceedings. You can see the new elected Committee members on the Committee page.


August 2011

As you may now be aware, the first AGM failed to go ahead due to insufficient votes - the required number of votes was short by just 1 vote! This just goes to show how important it is that everyone uses their voting rights. If you can't attend the AGM, please show your support and give your proxy votes to someone to use on your behalf.
The AGM has now been deferred to Sunday 4th September when it is hoped that enough votes will be available for the meeting to proceed.

Nominations and elections for the new committee will be amongst the key topics, along with site maintenance and non-payment of communal fees which remains a problem.

In preparation for the forthcoming AGM you can download the financial statements for 2011 below:

   Jan-March  Jan-March                  April-July  April-July                    AFR 2010 AFR 2010

All of the current Committee positions will be up for re-election at the AGM, so if anyone is interested in getting involved and contributing to how the development is managed, please get in touch.

Remember that the committee is here to represent all owners and it's important that everyone has their say. To help ensure that everyone is kept up to date with on-going matters as well as general communications, please help by notifying the Committee if your email address, postal address etc changes.




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